Happy New Year 2019!

From all LFS personnel


From Valko, Loviisa to China
Loading sawnwood to China in break bulk. Vessel Ultra Tatio started loading on thursday 4.5

More info of shipping possibilities to China from undersigned and Tomi Nordström

Petteri Sammalisto

LFS Kiina 1
LFS Kiina 2

Our traffic areas
Our traffic areas continue same as last year.
including Egypt, to which the first shipment left in March.

LFS vienti ja tuonti
New vessel list
We introduce our new vessel list.

This new calendar app based vessel list will replace the old list which was sent to you by email. Please find the new vessel from the following link:

We are updating the list every day. Any information not included in the list will still be sent through email as previously.

If you have anything to ask about the vessel list please be in contact with our forwarders by person or you can use general e-mail address
Other contact information you can find on our contact page.

You can give us a feedback and improvement ideas straight to Sales Manager Ville Virtanen or to Managing Director Petteri Sammalisto.

LFS improves the delivery chain for sawn timber and adds cost effectiveness.

25th August in Port of Loviisa, Valko we carried out the first nonstop sawn timber loading to vessel Sea Endurance.

We are constantly seeking and trying new ways of operations. This is one concrete proof of it. The suggestion came from our employees.

Already during this year our average loading efficiency has improved by 20-30%. This nonstop was an additional new leap in the hourly efficiency. We reached an extra 100 cbm/cranehour.
This can mean a cut of up to 30% to ships total loading time.

We remind you also that we have offered a whole year now continuous discharge of trucks in our port.

And there is more to come…

Our promise to our customers, saw mills, trading houses, shipping lines, is to offer competitive solutions. This nonstop work for vessels is one more remarkable step in the line of our improvements.

We are glad to tell you more. Just contact Ville Virtanen +358 40 072 2157, Petteri Sammalisto +358 40 759 4020, Tomi Nordström +358 50 541 0968.

Let’s add Loviisa to the map of the world!

Our Sales Manager Ville Virtanen +358400722157 will be present at munich 5.-6.5.2015
The Loviisa Port Manager Tiina Vepsäläinen +358440555731 will be at the exhibition stand 7.-8.5.2015

LFS @ Transport Logistics 2015 – München

”LFS on mukana yhdessä Loviisan Sataman kanssa luennoimassa tämän vuoden Laivauspäivillä Kotkassa.
Vientikuljetus- ja laivauspäivät alkavat tiistaina 28.04 verkostoitumisella Kotkan Hotelli Sokos Seurahuoneella ja jatkuvat keskiviikkona 29.04 satamavierailulla ja erinnäisillä asiantuntijaluennoille Merikeskus Vellamossa.

Tervetuloa mukaan keskustelemaan ajankohtaisista vienti- ja laivausasioista ammattilaisten seurassa.
Lisätietoa ohjelmasta ja ilmoittautumisesta löytyy osoitteesta: täältä.
HUOM! Ilmoittautumiset viimeistään perjantaihin 17.04 mennessä.”

Our new forklift arrived today…