LFS offers both field and inside storage.

Warehouse storage area is roughly 32.000m2

Outside field storage capacity is over 60.000 m2

There is also a 26.000m2 customs bonded warehouse at the port, which makes it easy for us to handle transit-goods. Our forwarding department can take care of all the necessary documents on your behalf.

Storage and handling services for rail traffic within the Loviisa port area and terminals
Service description
LFS offers storage and handling of goods. There is 32 000 m2 of covered storage(unheated) and 60 000 m2 of field area. The field area is controlled by the port of Loviisa and the use of the field area is agreed per offer and agreement so that LFS can include the field area in it’s offers and agreements.
The port area has rail connection but the tracks do not go inside the warehouses.
Pricing model
Wagon discharge/loading is based on cargo to be handled and the cargo handling method. Cargo has to be loaded/discharged from ground level as there are no loading bridges available.
LFS discharges/loads with crane and grab from/to open wagons and with fork lift trucks and wheel loaders from/to wagon sides from ground level.
Storage pricing is based on storage time, use of storage area/volume and additional needed extra services. These can be for example forwarding, packing, cargo securing.
There is no general handling or storage price list. Customer’s needs and cargo define the basis for pricing; cargo type/quality, turn around time and other additional services. The volume and length of agreement, how cargo needs to be handled, how much it takes storage capacity, the weight, volume etc have effect on pricing and costs.
Each customer offer includes these factors and the pricing is made taking them into consideration as well as the usage need of the storage.
The agreements are based similarly, often added by special needs of IT systems. The agreements have different lengths. Please bear in mind that current different length agreements have an effect on storage availability both in warehouses and on field. The availability is checked per each offer and agreement.